Aquaporin Inside®
Forward Osmosis Hollow Fiber Element

The new Aquaporin Inside® Hollow Fiber FO Element is now available and with its 2.3 m2 membrane area it is perfect for research and piloting of technology. The element has impressive high rejection rates and low back diffusion due to the aquaporin proteins coated on the lumen side of the fibers. 

Ideal applications of FO include: 

  • Concentration of valuable components; Retention of aromas, colours, flavours, and nutrients when concentration milk protein, coffee, fruit juices, etc. 
  • Pre-treatment of difficult wastewater before reverse osmosis (RO) treatment; FO has low fouling propensities and protects the RO membrane while the double membrane barrier (FO and RO) generates high quality permeate water without micro pollutants and xenobiotics. 
  • Zero or Minimal Liquid Discharge applications; Reaching high water recovery, resulting in a minimal amount of waste to be treated. 



An essential building block in the Aquaporin Inside® Technology is the aquaporin water channel protein. Aquaporin proteins are ubiquitous in Nature and facilitate water transport across cell membranes in all living organisms. The channel is highly efficient to a degree where 1g of aquaporin is capable of transporting 2900 liters of water per second.

Through the last 11 years, researchers in Aquaporin have developed proprietary methods of incorporating aquaporin proteins into highly stable formulations, which allow the aquaporin proteins to function under the harsh operating conditions faced by industrial membranes. Said formulations are then embedded into the thin film composite rejection layers of reverse osmosis and forward osmosis membranes resulting in biomimetic industrial membranes with game changing performance.

In September 2015, Aquaporin Inside® Forward Osmosis Membranes went into orbit on the International Space Station. The project was headed by Aquaporin Space Alliance ApS (ASA) who - in collaboration with researches from NASA Ames Research Center in California - devised a test setup for the Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen to test the Aquaporin Inside® membrane in space.

The project is the culmination of a long-term collaboration with NASA Ames Research Center to ultimately replace their present multi-filtration beds, which are heavy and require frequent replacement.

On a future perspective, there are several potential space business areas for Aquaporin Inside® membranes such as drinking water in space suits, vehicles and capsules, clean technical water for specific use e.g. cooling of space suits and spacecraft systems, water for humidity control, batteries and other applications, and water purification of local sources on foreign celestial bodies for future exploration.


“Our technology can become your technology” 

Aquaporin offers unique partnering opportunities through our Strategic Commercial Partner (SCP) program where SCP’s are able to secure exclusive commercial rights for the use of the Aquaporin Inside® Technology within fields and territories of interest.

Aquaporin’s SCP program caters to both our existing products as well as co-developing next-generation membrane embodiments of the Aquaporin Inside® Technology. 


Forward osmosis uses natural energy in the form of osmotic pressure to transport water through a membrane. This enables a gentle extraction of water with low energy input and no need for heat exposure.

"We are excited to launch this product and have our technology tested and verified by customers in different applications” 
Jörg Vogel, Head of Technology Development (

High Retention

Low Footprint

High Recovery

High Efficiency

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